The Whole Person

Adaptive Tennis

Northland Racquet Club, 306 Tennis Ct, North KC Court

Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing recreational and competitive sports for people with disabilities, and is becoming one of the most accessible and integrated sports around the country. The Whole Person’s goal is to make tennis available to everyone, whatever the disability. Tennis is adapted to the disability, not the disability to tennis. Because playing tennis benefits one’s health, fitness, self-confidence, self-esteem, and even provides improved mobility necessary for independent living, TWP promotes tennis in the greater Kansas City area by offering multiple levels of play – 1. Adult competitive wheelchair tennis, 2. Youth recreational/competitive wheelchair tennis, and 3. All Abilities tennis. You do not have to know anything about tennis in order to for you to join us on the courts for fun, friendship, and fulfillment. Volunteer duties: Help implement drills as directed by myself or the tennis pro(s), shag/toss tennis balls, help pick up.

I would like to thank you in advance for your willingness to volunteer!

Rick Haith, Recreation Outreach Coordinator – The Whole Person.

There are no shifts available at this time.

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